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As a multi-disciplinary studio we offer services in both Architectural Building and Interior Design. We believe that the combining of both facets allows for the full potential of a project to be reached through a holistic and considered approach to design.

We understand the process can be a bit daunting...
We’ve unpacked it to give you an idea on the main stages involved.




Understanding your individual needs, requires a little face time and it enables us to get a good understanding of your personal brief, project scope and complexity.


We collate all that we identified from your initial client brief to get creative and start to unlock the potential of your project by loosely mapping out the key design ideas we discussed together. We use a variety of mediums to walk you through the concept which can include drawings such as floor plans and elevations, and quite often refer to look books and imagery.


In some instances Council approval may be required before construction can commence.
Should your project require a Development Application and/or Building Permit we are able to coordinate, prepare the relevant drawings required and work with relevant consultants to make this process as smooth as possible.


The beauty is in the details and in this stage we take the drawings produced at earlier stages and begin refining them even more to prepare a drawing package that is suitable for the builder to ensure your design intent is carried through. From overall form down to smaller but significant details such as cabinetry and finishes - we take a holistic and considered approach to each of our projects using the key identifiers you highlighted previously to create your unique fingerprint within this new space.


We love to be involved throughout the whole process to ensure the design is carried out as intended. It can also be quite a daunting experience working with builders and contractors if you are not experienced in this area and we can be there to guide you through this process. Equally; should you have a team in mind we will happily work closely with them all the way through to delivery.

  • Conceptual design
  • Design development
  • Documentation
  • Engaging & liaising with specialised consultants
  • Council applications
  • Finishes selections & specifications
  • Finishes/material boards & look books
  • Recommendations of contractors and negotiations
  • Project administration

  • Concept design & development
  • Architectural plan review & space planning
  • Sourcing & specification of materials, fixtures & fittings, lighting
  • Sourcing & styling of furniture, artwork, soft furnishings
  • Custom cabinetry (design, documentation, material selection & selection of contractor)
  • Custom window treatments